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Banking & Insurance

Banking is one of the sectors most affected by the digital transformation. This transformation presents strong sectoral challenges such as increased competition, higher customer demands and regulatory changes. All of these have an impact on Human Resources and each and every employee.

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Engaging in a strong competitive context

Online coaching to wope with the competitive context of the banking sector

With the strong growth of FinTech companies and online banking, as well as new regulations that favour open banking, the competitive intensity in the banking sector is increasing.

HR is therefore faced with challenges such as talent retention, team commitment and QWL as a result of the pressure on employees.

Simundia offers to support you in stress management or emotion management.

Online coaching to wope with the competitive context of the banking sector
Client au centre

The customer at the centre: a culture to be disseminated

Client au centre

In order to respond to ever more demanding customers - particularly in terms of transparency and CSR - banks are developing new services and highlighting the values specific to their organisation.

HR must then support teams in changing the corporate culture and train employees in a new consulting approach and conflict management.

Simundia wishes to support managers in embodying the new corporate culture.

Transformation: adapting individually and collectively

Adapting to digitalisation with online professional coaching

In a context of digitalisation of trades and services, where technology has become the main factor of change (BigData, AI, Blockchain...), banks must adapt and make frequent organisational changes.

This requires identifying the key skills of tomorrow, supporting managers - the operational relays of the transformation - in this digital transition, developing collaborative management but also complying with the new regulations related to data protection (RGPD).

Simundia is committed to supporting middle managers in adapting to change and directors in managing their teams in order to make them the transmission belt of change.

Adapting to digitalisation with online professional coaching

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