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Consulting and Audit

The consultancy sector is currently undergoing a transformation, with challenges of digitalisation and innovation in intervention methods. This transition brings multiple challenges for Human Resources, such as employee loyalty, the importance of corporate culture or the prevention of PSR. This is why, at Simundia, we would like to support you in meeting these 3 challenges.



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Competition and turnover: a major challenge


With the strong growth of specialised consulting firms, internal consulting, but also the continued dominance of the Big 4, the competitive intensity in the consulting and auditing sector is increasing.

HR is therefore facing a very high turnover (20%) and is structurally confronted with the early departure of its young recruits.

Simundia would like to help you react to these problems of talent evaporation by addressing the themes of commitment and fulfilment at work.


Telework and corporate culture


Most of the time, consultants work remotely, at their clients' premises, and therefore outside the office.

HR must therefore deal with the issues of team cohesion and corporate culture that are often affected by this repeated teleworking.

Simundia is committed to supporting managers in the diffusion of a real corporate identity and in the collaborative management of your teams.   

High workloads: QWL at the heart of concerns

Quality of work-life as a consultant

Finally, the profession of consultant requires a high level of availability demanded by the client, which at certain times means high workloads, heavy schedules and a difficult job.

The HR department is therefore faced with time management and prioritisation issues, and has sometimes had to deal with burnouts.

Simundia's ambition is to support your employees in managing stress, emotions and their life balance.    

Quality of work-life as a consultant

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