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Pharmaceutical and health sector

The pharmaceutical sector is currently seeing its business and regulatory models evolve. This phase of transformation presents many opportunities but also challenges such as the globalisation of markets, technology and innovation and environmental challenges. At Simundia, we would like to support you in meeting these 3 challenges.

Pharmaceutical and health sector


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Globalisation: a market opportunity but an organisational and cultural challenge

Impact of globalisation on the biotech sector

The Biotech sector is facing a globalisation of emerging markets, opening the way to a new high-potential clientele: an opportunity to be seized and a major organisational challenge!

HR is thus faced with issues such as the harmonisation of the organisational culture at international level, despite local differences and sometimes with the management of conflicts in this international context.

Simundia supports in learning to communicate better in the face of cultural diversity and in managing international teams.  

Impact of globalisation on the biotech sector
Technology and innovation in the biotech sector

Technology and innovation: a change to be supported

Technology and innovation in the biotech sector

In order to respond to the health and technological challenges that are accelerating competition, the biopharmaceutical sector is in a constant state of innovation and is trying to take advantage of new technologies: digital, AI or biotherapies for example.  

HR must therefore support teams in these challenges, particularly in terms of adaptability to change (management of individual stress, emotions, commitment to work) and changes in managerial postures (collaborative management, development of emotional intelligence).

Simundia thus wishes to support managers and their teams in the acquisition of these soft-skills to optimise their performance.

Environmental impact and CSR: high expectations

HR challenges in the biotech sector

These innovation challenges must also adapt to the growing demands of customers and employees, particularly with regard to environmental challenges and the transformation of the sector they require.

Faced with these demands for transparency and CSR, HR has to deal with the reorganisation of teams with changing professions and a culture that is reinventing itself.

Simundia's ambition is to support you in this transformation through professional coaching. 

HR challenges in the biotech sector

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