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Why I created Simundia?

Why I created Simundia? - Gregoire Schiller
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Simundia, the digital coaching platform that revolutionizes training, was created in 2017 by Grégoire, Vincent and Colombe. In this article, Grégoire explains what drove him to imagine and then found Simundia, from his personal experience with coaching in 2015 to a €2M funding round to democratize this development tool with his associates.


2015: first experience with coaching

11pm, Dhaka, Bangladesh.I get out of work and get into my rickshaw to go back home. I am 28 years old, I manage a team of 70 people at Rocket Internet in this unknown country. You have to go fast, reach your objectives. Even though I studied at HEC and spent a few years as a consultant at Roland Berger, my responsibilities here are completely different.

It's exciting, I love it, but the list of subjects to manage is growing, in connection with management, communication, conflict management, stress management, etc. The pressure is building up, to the point of having to restructure the team in which we couldn't keep everyone, and I don't know how to do it.

After my promotion I have been offered coaching, which will be a huge help for me. The discussions with my coach allow me to take a step back, to exchange in a 100% transparent way, and to find solutions. Coaching allows me to manage a situation that could have degenerated by making my relationships with my teams and managers more fluid.

This is Simundia's starting point.


2017: the birth of Simundia

When I get back to France, I talk about my experience with HR friends. They explain to me that they appreciate coaching but that it is reserved for top management.

"Given the cost and complexity, we can only offer it to 1% of employees. It's a pity because we are convinced that it is a great tool to help employees progress."

Coaching, because it is personalized and adapted to each individual's needs, is the most powerful tool for professional development.

It was therefore obvious that there was a massive need for coaching in companies and a business to be created.

This need was not covered by the offer, targeted at top management. It is in this perspective that I created Simundia, with the mission to democratize professional coaching to help employees develop.

I partnered with Colombe Mandula, clinical psychologist, HEC Entrepreneurs and passionate about HR, and Vincent Simon, engineer and coding teacher.  With very different backgrounds, we share the same vision for Simundia and the same values. Our complementarity in terms of experience, skills, personality and approach has been key to our success.

Our objective is to allow each person to be more fulfilled and efficient in their work.

Once this objective was set, a methodology had to be put in place to make it accessible.


2018: How to offer quality coaching on a large scale?

Our meeting with Catherine Snyers, ex-Vice President of the French Coaching Society, was decisive. It is in collaboration with her and through our 3 years of R&D that we were able to find the "magic formula" that would allow us to offer coaching to everyone thanks to the Tech, the platform we developed and the coaches.

Usually companies were coaching a few top managers per year. Today, thanks to us, most CAC 40 companies coach thousands of employees in optimal conditions.

The first clients were the most difficult to convince, today we receive calls every day from companies who have heard about us by word of mouth and ask us how we can work together.


2020: Towards infinity and beyond

3 years after its creation and a fund raising of 2m€ at the beginning of 2019, Simundia is a team of >150 passionate people with our coaches, >100 key account clients.

"Great, after thirty years of experience, this coaching has opened my eyes".

This type of feedback gives us a huge boost in our daily lives. It confirms that we are enabling thousands and soon millions of employees to be better at their jobs. Our mission makes sense.

We have developed very quickly because today, companies are more and more willing and need to support their employees. They are constantly transforming, digitizing, everything is going faster and faster, and the development challenges are increasing for their teams. The last few months of confinement/deconfinement have only accelerated these trends.

Every company and every employee needs Simundia!

As our coaching sessions are digital, we have become global very quickly. Simundia is already present in about thirty countries, with local coaches adapted to each culture.

In France as elsewhere, getting to work better is a challenge for everyone, which means that we have an infinite development potential: sky is the limit!

Written by Grégoire Schiller
On 21 October 2020