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Discover how Roland Berger supports its consultants and managers by investing in their soft skills.


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In this business case :

Roland Berger is one of the world's leading management consulting firms. Founded in 1967, it is present in 36 countries with 56 offices and 2,500 consultants, making it the largest management consulting firm originating in Europe.

Renowned for offering innovative solutions leading to concrete and measurable results, Roland Berger constantly seeks to develop the skills of its consultants in order to maintain the highest standards.

“We have started calling on Simundia for our populations of managers. Building on this success, we decided to extend the platform to all of our consultants. "

"The particularity of Simundia is to be flexible, to adapt to demanding environments with consultants who have little time by offering an extremely flexible personalized solution that can be used whenever you want."


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