We offer an innovative coaching program to democratize professional coaching


1 adapted topic is
1 specific situation.

Get in touch with the most suitable coach
in less than 48 hours.

3 sessions of one hour each.

Digital, video conference, chat,
accessible anywhere, at any time.

Simundia continuously supports you in your journey to develop your soft skills

1 monthly webinar with an expert.
Employees can have continuous access to coaching, when is best for them.


Confirmed by the Vice President of the French Coaching Society


We work hand in hand with Catherine Snyers, the Vice President of the French Coaching Society to ensure that the methodology developed respects the ethics of coaching.

Return on investment: feedback from thousands of coachees

Our methodology includes a measurement of the impact of our intervention.


are satisfied with our solution


average recommendation score


see a positive impact on their performance and commitment