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Identification of your employees' needs


Coaching accessible to an entire population 
We support you in defining a target population that will benefit from coaching, it can be as large as you want. You also decide on the coaching topics to which employees will have access.

A large-scale coaching platform
The platform is then opened and all identified employees can start their career by being empowered in their development.

Custom development path


A questionnaire and an orientation session make it possible to precisely define the need and assign the best coach according to each person's needs.

Coaching everywhere and all the time
3 coaching sessions are then carried out by videoconference for more reactivity and flexibility in the face of an operational situation and also to save time.

Continuous support
Personalised content (webinar, tools, articles...) is offered to everyone according to their background to raise awareness of soft skills themes.


Measurement of key indicators

Measurement of key indicators

Lead the implementation
Find the key figures of the platform's use and the progress of each one.
Be involved in the deployment by having access to communication and reporting tools.

Satisfaction and employee commitment
Also view the coaching evaluations given by employees. In particular:

Overall satisfaction
Impact on their engagement
Impact on performance
Impact on thickening