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Simundia democratizes
professional coaching

  • 50.000


  • 1.000

    certified coaches

  • 98%

    of coachees thank their HRM

  • +50


Transformations lead to HR challenges

  • transfo-img-1

    Soft skills development

  • transfo-img-2
    and inclusion

    Women's leadership

  • transfo-img-3
    Quality of life
    at work

    Stress, mental health, burn-out

Our convictions to address these issues

  • 1

    To transform collectively, we must help each one to transform individually

  • 2

    Training does not work because it is generic, only coaching has an impact

  • 3

    An impactful
    coaching is situational coaching

Coaching programs for your transformation

  • 1. Project scoping
  • 2. Situational coaching path
  • 3. Steering and HR support

1. Scoping of the program in partnership with the HR teams

  • prog-img-1

    Corporate objectives, coach briefing, integration into your HR processes

  • prog-img-2

    Ex : High potentials, managers, women, specific teams

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    Dedicated launch webinar, personalized emailing, in-depth awareness of the power of coaching

2. Situational coaching path

Identification of the need
  • Questionnaire
  • Manager's feedback
  • Orientation meeting
Coaching sessions
  • Session 1 - Observation
  • Session 2 - Reflection
  • Session 3 - Action
Assessment and action plan
  • Individual roadmap
  • Evaluation of progress
  • Satisfaction

The best ICF, EMCC and SFC certified coaches selected for you

Geoffrey Watson
Geoffrey Watson

ICF certified coach (UK), numerous international experiences in large groups, graduate of the LSE.

Catherine Snyers

President of the French Coaching Society, graduate of HEC and Insead, former HRD.

Emilie Devienne

Accredited & certified coach, VP of the French Coaching Society, author, university lecturer.

Danielle Da Jeong
Da Jeong Danielle

ICF Coach (South Korea), former Director of Communication at Instagram

Olivier Maufay

Process Com certified coach - specialist in change management, ex-HR manager.

Joelle Crozier

Certified and accredited ICF coach. Speaker at the association "Women Strength"

Didier Hauvette

Coach specialized in the resolution of tensions and the mobilization of talents in any type of company.

Thais Brito Catalano
Thais Brito Catalano

ICF coach (Brazil), former HR consultant, former Planning & Operations manager at Estée Lauder

3. Deployment and ROI monitoring

  • Group 436
    Dedicated account manager

    Quarterly follow-up points
    Project management

  • Group 441
    Quantitative feedback

    Key KPIs: usage, satisfaction, impact on performance

  • Group 441 (1)
    Qualitative feedback

    Sources of stress in the company, help for the HR strategy

Our customers talk about us

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    Key Figures

    Coachees : 3 500 Satisfaction : 9/10
  • client-img-2

    Key Figures

    Coachees : 450 Satisfaction : 9.1/10
  • client-img-3

    Key Figures

    Coachees : 1200 Satisfaction : 9.5

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