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Our coaching methodology

A professional coaching format and methodology designed to support large-scale business transformation.

Professional coaching online


Video coaching for more flexibility

Video coaching for more flexibility

Putting you in contact with the best coach for the problem to be dealt with, with no constraints of geographical distance or travel time. 

More discretion in the coaching and more comfort (possibility to carry out the coaching sessions from the office or from home).

To learn more about the advantages of visio coaching, you can read our blog article The advantages of visio coaching.

Video coaching for more flexibility
The spot coaching

The spot coaching, a short and operational format

The spot coaching

3 one-hour sessions over 6 weeks with practice and observation between each session. 

Coaches available via chat to answer questions and share content. 

Start-up within 48 hours and run over 6 weeks.

A targeted operational situation dealt with in the coaching.

Orientation interviewing for maximum efficiency


Orientation interview set up before the start of the coaching in order to start the reflection on oneself beforehand. A way for the coachee to put words to the problem and to direct him/her to the best coach to deal with it.


The steps of a coaching by Simundia


The first step of coaching is observation

Observation time as a gateway to self-knowledge: we spend a lot of time in our daily lives acting and reacting without being aware of it, without observing ourselves doing it. Here the coach gives us the keys to take a step back from situations and to be able to look at ourselves in action.

The first step of coaching is observation
Self reflection is the second step of coaching


Self reflection is the second step of coaching

Reflection in both senses of the term: reflecting on oneself and on what one observes and reflecting in the presence of the coach who himself acts as a "reflecting" mirror.

A time is particularly important because it is at this moment that the tracks or hypotheses to be deepened emerge.



Action in coaching and between sessions to anchor a new behaviour or skill in everyday life. This is the key step for a coaching to bear fruit several months or years after the session.

Action plan defined with the coach to engage in change.


A format and methodology designed for business transformation

Our conviction: this coaching format has been specially designed to be offered on a large scale in the company for an individual but also collective impact.

Large coverage

By reaching several hundreds or thousands of people, a critical threshold of impact is reached and allows a real impact on the corporate culture.

Continuous awareness-raising via webinars and proposed content helps acculturate all teams to the importance of soft skills and professional development.

Measuring large-scale impact

The impact of coaching is measured through a self-assessment and/or a 360 process.

All of this feedback is aggregated in the HR dashboard, allowing you to visualize the business transformation at work.