Modalities of training


Title of the training action : " professional efficiency training

Overall objective: To develop one's professional efficiency (see Appendix 1).

More specific objectives will be defined in relation to the personalized needs analysis.

Type of action: Training action according to articles L 6313-2 and L6313-3 of the labor code

Nature: Continuing professional education.

Training methods and location: Distance learning via the platform.

Prerequisites: none  

Accessibility to people with disabilities: Our training courses, conducted by videoconference, are accessible to people with reduced mobility. A precise analysis by disability can be carried out with specialized organizations (AGEFIPH, APF...)

Pedagogical and technical means: theoretical contributions and practical application through exercises and simulations.

Evaluation methods: self-assessment by the trainee at the beginning and end of the training

Means to assess the results of the action :

An evaluation form will be given to the participant at the end of the training. 

This form will evaluate the qualitý of the training on the following criteria:

- Overall satisfaction

- Meeting expectations

- Trainer's competence

- Usefulnesś (application of learning in the field of activitý)


The training organization will involve the following speakers (the Speakers):

1. Catherine Snyers: Graduated from HEC in 1983, she has been HRD in large international groups (BNP Paribas, ADIE, Orrick). She is a specialist in managerial posture and conflict management.


The training organization reserves the right to modify the list of speakers according to the needs.

Number of employees covered: To be defined. Any person designated by the Client may participate in the training and will be referred to as a "Participant".

Access time to the training: 48 hours once the contract is finalized with the company

Period of the training action: the training action has a duration of 3 months to one year. 

Duration of the training: The format of the main training action includes 3 hours of individual training with a facilitator, completed by an orientation meeting lasting an estimated 1 hour and by asynchronous content sent via the platform lasting an estimated 3 hours. Additional modules can be added after defining the needs with the client: EQ-i emotional intelligence tests (2 hours), second learning phase (6 hours), third learning phase (6 hours).

Price: from 1250 €.


It is agreed between the Parties that the training will take place in the following manner:

- Access to the platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") by Participants;

- Regular reminder of the existence of the Site and its services, through monthly email communications to Participants by the training organization;

- Once his account is created on the Site, the Participant will have the possibility to fill in a questionnaire describing his need, then to make a referral call with the training organization, which will specify his need and find the most suitable speaker (estimated time 1 hour);

- Once the connection between a participant and a trainer has been made, the participant will be able to access the trainer's availability and book his or her training hours online;

- Each participant will receive 3 individual coaching sessions of 1 hour (3 hours in total);

- Between each individual training session with the Facilitator, the latter will send the Participant exercises and adapted evaluation tools, in order to enrich the training (estimated time 3h);

- Participants will benefit from the additional academic resources available, if requested by the Participants;

Throughout the training, the Participant will benefit from technical and pedagogical assistance to accompany him/her in the course of the training.

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