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What is Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion in general

Only 36% of employees consider that their company has a diversity and inclusion policy.

to remain successful, organizations need to innovate to limit inequality and discrimination. Beyond preserving the integrity of the company, too much homogeneity among employees is not conducive to creativity, open-mindedness or the sharing of different experiences. Diversity and inclusion will therefore be essential assets to meet the challenges of the "next world".

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Each need is unique: it therefore calls for an individualized response, like coaching in the workplace.

may be a question of reacting to a discriminatory situation, whether you are a victim or a witness. Becoming aware of one's unconscious biases, in order to reduce their impact. Or to cultivate one's uniqueness, by drawing the full potential from one's background and strengths. Regardless of the context of the organization in which one evolves, the needs remain specific to each employee and require a personalized follow-up.

Why is Diversity & Inclusion important?

Addressing discrimination issues

Discrimination issues are still present in many companies. How to limit the number of victims of discrimination? Discrimination can be based on various elements such as gender, religion, physical appearance, nationality and sexual orientation.)

Eliminating inequalities

Inequality at work can take many forms. It can relate to gender inequality in the labor market. Deeply rooted, these inequalities materialize in salary gaps between employees, or in the inaccessibility of certain targeted positions. For example, 44% of French women feel that they have difficulty advancing in their careers because they are women.

Optimize integration

To optimize the integration of new employees, it is necessary to define a clear process to facilitate their arrival. How can you put in place the conditions so that the newcomer feels integrated and confident in his or her new position? In a context of "Great Resignation", this is a priority for any HR manager. To minimize the risk of discrimination, it will be important to make teams aware of the visible or invisible differences of future recruits (disability, women in a very masculine environment, etc.)

Encouraging creativity and innovation

As an HR manager, one of your challenges is certainly to create an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. To do this, there are some good practices that can be put in place within your organization. These include giving employees the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. Setting up workshops that mix different professions can also be a vector of innovation and a source of performance for your company.

How to promote Diversity and Inclusion in a company?

Train managers in inclusive management

A diversity and inclusion policy within the company comes through the manager's training in inclusive management. Above all, this management method aims to get the best out of each individual to serve the group. It is also about being aware of the differences and singularities of each of your employees.

Learn to respond to discrimination

How to react to a discriminating situation at work? There are several ways to deal with these problems head-on. They will allow you to limit the negative impact on the company and the individual victim of discrimination. This is one of the prerequisites to ensure a sustainable culture of Diversity and Inclusion in your organizations.

Cultivate your singularities

In the corporate world, each profile's uniqueness must be considered so that each employee can develop their innate talents. However, it can be difficult for employees to express themself if they are not in a context of confidence, far from their favorite subject or if their current position values their qualities more.

Quarterly interviews

Feedback is an obligatory part of the manager/employee relationship, but it is set to become a valuable lever for companies with a new rule: fewer formalities and more interaction!

360° feedback

The first step in a learning process is to identify the areas of improvement. 360 feedback is a questionnaire sent to all the people involved with an employee: manager, employee, peers... Behind each feedback should be a training, or in particular a coaching that maintains a dynamic

In 3 weeks, become a Diversity and Inclusion expert

Specific coaching topics

  • Managing diversity
  • Cultivate your uniqueness
  • Managing a discriminatory situation
  • Adopt inclusive management
  • Developing women's leadership

Specialized coaches

For example:

  • Elisabeth Grimaldi d'Esdra, former Director of Diversity at Michelin
  • Emilie Devienne, author of "50 Laws of Successful Women

diversity and inclusion coaching at...

Diversity and Inclusion coaching at...

The best professional/self-development experience I've ever had. 3 hours of awareness to take action in my daily life. Thank you!

Danielle M.

Coaching Simundia very enriching, allows to know oneself better and to analyze the way in which one can better interact in the professional framework by taking into account its strengths and axes of development.

Melanie F.

Thank you, this coaching system is very interesting and enriching. It allows us to take a step back and better understand our personality, our strengths and weaknesses as well as our behavior at work.

Fabienne F.

I do thank my company's HR team for setting up these training/coaching sessions - which I think are a great help for anyone at any level.

Samantha L.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to have this coaching. It made me feel better and really motivated me. The implementation of Simundia shows the importance you attach to the well-being of your employees at work.

Lucie Y.

This service is very useful when you are a new director but also throughout your career.

Daniel M.

Thank you. It allows each manager to work on his own difficulties. The group training sessions are interesting but the coaching allows to go deeper into a specific subject.

Daniel M.

For-mi-da-ble!!! After thirty years of experience, this coaching has opened my eyes, today I know what the problem is that I have to manage.

Daniel M.

For-mi-da-ble!!! After thirty years of experience, this coaching has opened my eyes, today I know what the problem is that I have to manage.

Daniel M.
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