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Prerequisites Techniques for using Simundia videoconferencing


Simundia uses the Twilio service for its videoconferencing service. To test its correct operation, you can carry out the following test: https://networktest.twilio.com/.

The points to follow present the pre-requisites for the test to be successful. It is necessary that all these points turn green for the videoconference to function correctly.


Internet connection :

40kBits/sec minimum.


Recommended browsers :

Twilio uses WebRTC technology supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari.

The Internet Explorer browser is not compatible.


Whitelisting of IP :

To make the connection, the following IP addresses must be allowed:

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You must check that the following ports are allowed on the Simundia website :

TCP: 443
UDP: from 10,000 to 60,000 to

In general, your firewall (if existing) must allow outgoing UDP and TCP traffic to the public internet network from browsers that will use Simundia.

For optimal use of the Visio we recommend that you open the following IP ranges:

Server IP Address Range - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



If, however, you wish to restrict the IP range (not very advisable) you can use the following : - -


Finally, the domains to be authorised are :
  • endpoint.twilio.com
  • sdkgw.us1.twilio.com (WSS/443)
  • eventgw.twilio.com
  • ecs.us1.twilio.com (HTTPS/443)
  • chunderw-gll.twilio.com / chunderw-vpc-gll.twilio.com