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Your questions, our answers :)

We do not wish to replace your service providers with whom you are satisfied, but to complement them, as we do for example at Sanofi.

The innovative format (3x1h in video) allows us to complete "standard" training courses because we are results-oriented in the short, medium and long term. 

Simundia is a development tool that acts on fulfilment, commitment and performance.

We can bring solutions but also be a real support on development axes and not only on problems. Employees' needs fluctuate throughout the year. How can we be sure that new needs will not arise in 2 weeks, 1 month or 6 months?

This is one of Simundia's strengths. We can launch a coaching session in less than 48 hours after the identification of the need/desire for support and development.

We are datadocked, so Simundia can therefore pass on training budgets without difficulty.

Everyone has their own areas of development, and we don't just target managers (e.g. Sanofi).

A researcher/engineer has his or her own development challenges, for example speaking in public during a presentation or learning how to give feedback to peers, managers or employees.

Business skills are important, but today we are witnessing a transformation of organisations in which soft skills are taking a predominant place.

Our research and tests have convinced us that the 3x1 hour format provides the best balance between impactful learning and flexibility. However, our solution is flexible and the format can be adapted to suit your needs. It is simply a matter of defining objectives that are consistent with the chosen format. 

Our platform allows us to offer coaching to 10x as many people in companies, for the same budget, without compromising on the quality of the coaches.

We are the only ones to have been using this video format for 3 years, short (3x1h) with the best coaches from SFC, ICF and EMCC.

Our ROIst approach to coaching is also totally new in the field. The entire Simundia experience is designed for maximum impact for both the individual and the company.

To date it is not possible to go through the CPF. Nevertheless, our file is currently being evaluated and we will keep you informed as soon as this is the case.

Management training courses are generally very long and do not deal with a specific operational situation or theme. Coaching, on the other hand, is more effective, quicker and simpler to implement.  Finally, you also have data on the ROI of coaching with the HR platform, which is not necessarily the case with traditional training courses.

The particularity of Simundia is precisely to be able to offer an individual coaching format but on a large scale (several tens, hundreds or thousands of coachees).

The individual format is by nature more impactful because it is a more intimate and private format, allowing the manager to develop in a very personal way. The individual impact is therefore maximised. Once it has been implemented on a large scale, this individual impact is multiplied by 10, 100 or 1,000!

A trainer spending a day with 50 managers usually covers only one theme, which may not necessarily correspond to everyone's needs. We offer these 50 managers the greatest impact in terms of time spent.

In certain situations and when the themes lend themselves to it, we also offer collective peer coaching, allowing them to benefit from collective intelligence (thinking about ways of organising their work, for example).

For several reasons: the most immediate being the preponderance of soft skills in today's society.

Moreover, hard skills are often limited without soft skills because, regardless of the technical task, when working in a team, everyone will develop listening skills, empathy, attention and the ability to propose effective solutions that attract support. Soft skills support is therefore essential for everyone.

Totally and sometimes even more impactful! Our coachees talk about how much easier it is to open up to exchange when you are "protected" by the screen and you can do the coaching from a safe place (at home for example). This "digital barrier" actually acts as a natural protection for the coachee without being an obstacle to exchange. Thus, certain key aspects are discussed more quickly, which allows the coachee to progress sometimes faster than during face-to-face sessions.